Kings X Counselling offers one-to-one talking therapy, where you and the therapist meet every week for 50 minutes. It is your time to bring whatever is important to you, and we work together to help you make sense of it.

Talking things through in a safe environment creates an opportunity where you can see your past or present problems from a different perspective, with a view to gaining awareness of yourself. This in turn can help you to make more informed choices and change.

Whether you are coming to counselling for the first time, or have prior experience, it can be a daunting step. A warm and supportive place where you can talk in confidence, can be the first step to getting your life on track.

Is there a difference between Counselling & Psychotherapy?

There are various definitions of Counselling and Psychotherapy, but a practical difference is that counselling is often time limited and addresses one or more specific issues. Psychotherapy is usually long-term deeper work, and is a means of gaining greater self-awareness and resolving more complex issues.

Both offer a way of achieving a more rewarding and meaningful life.